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Teacher and Students in Science Class

Why Choose a Computer Modeling and Robotics Course?

Creative Thinking:

The challenges associated with studying computer modeling and robotics make children think critically and solve problems creatively. While learning to debug programs or design solutions, they engage in the same type of iterative thinking that is essential in the creative process of making art. This encourages their ability to think outside the box and apply innovative solutions to artistic projects.

Analytical Thinking:

Analytical thinking encourages understanding and evaluating details in any situation or task. This skill is extremely important in professions that require accuracy and attention to fine nuances.

Effective STEM Methodology:

The use of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) methodology in education is crucial for preparing young people for the professions of the future. It meets the needs of a rapidly developing world, develops critical thinking and problem-solving, supports innovation and technological advancement, and opens doors to high-paying professions.

Opening Doors to the Future:

Participating in this course is an investment in your child's future, preparing them to become an innovator and creator of the future. The course is not only theoretical but also includes practical exercises and projects that allow children to apply what they have learned in real situations.

Who is this course suitable for and when is it held?

Suitable for children aged 5+ years.

Sessions: October - May. Once a week with a duration of 2 astronomical hours.

Price: 149 BGN per month.

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